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Bicycle Repair Shop Service Schedule

Tune-Up Service

No drop offs. By appointment only.
Please Contact Us and provide the make/model/year of your bike along along with a description of the service needed.
Please allow 2 business days or less for a response.
[email protected]

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs will be accepted on a case by case basis with an estimated turnaround of 7 to 10 days. Please Contact Us or call ahead with details.

Tire/Tube Change

No appointment needed, 24hr turnaround. (Excluding tubeless tires)

Individual Bicycle Services

Tube/Tire Installation: min. $20
(Min. $40 for E-Bike/Internal Hub/ Training wheel bikes.)  
Drivetrain Clean/Bike Clean: min. $50
Align Shifting (front and rear): min. $60
(Does not include cleaning or parts installation.)  
Align Brakes (front and rear): min. $40
(Does not include bleeding or parts installation.)  
Bleed Disc Brake, each: min. $35
($20 each with Standard Tune-Up or Total Overhaul.)  
Headset Overhaul: min. $50
($40 with Standard Tune-Up.)  
Bottom Bracket Overhaul: min. $50
($40 with Standard Tune-Up.)  
Hub Overhaul: Front min. $25, Rear min. $40 Front min. $25, Rear min. $40
True and Tension Wheel: min. $30
(Min. $35 with broken spoke.)  
Wheel Build: min. $90
Set Up Tubeless, each, plus parts: min. $40
Hourly Rate: $120

Other Services

Box Bike for Shipping: $50
Service/Insurance Quote Prep: min. $25
Storage Fee: $10/week
(Begins 7 days after service completion.)  

Tune-Up Services

Standard Tune: $150


Total Overhaul: $270

- Set up shifting and braking.
- Bike cleaning, remove and re-lube drivetrain.
- Light wheel true.
- Bearing adjustments. Overhaul extra.
- Installation of most accessories purchased at R&K.
- Brake bleed $20 extra each (reg. $35 each).



Standard Tune-Up plus:
- Complete disassembly and full cleaning.
- Bottom bracket, headset and hubs overhauled.
- Rebuild and adjust with necessary parts.
- Brake bleed $20 extra each (reg. $35 each).
- Linkage overhaul and fork/shock service not included.

Nordic Ski Shop Service Schedule

48hr turnaround if required parts are in stock.

Classic Ski/ Skin Ski Hot Wax and Prep: $30
- Plus 3rd coat temperature specific Speed Wax: +$10  
Skate Ski/ Waxless Ski Hot Wax: $25
- Plus 3rd coat temperature specific Speed Wax: +$10  
Base Cleaning: $12
P-Tex Base: min. $20
Binding Installation: $20
Binding Remount: $25
Skin Replacement (plus skin): $50
Pole Cutting to Length, pair: $20
Basket Replacement, pair (plus baskets): $20

Service prices subject to change without notice.