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Warranty Adjustment

New bicycles purchased at Rebec and Kroes receive ONE Warranty Adjustment within 12 months from the date of purchase. This includes an adjustment of the shifting and braking, safety check and a review of any additional service that may be recommended.
The Warranty Adjustment does not include any cleaning of the bicycle or replacement of worn out parts.

An appointment is not required for the Warranty Adjustment and will be scheduled to be completed within 48hrs.

Tune-Up Service

No drop offs. By appointment only.
Please Contact Us and provide the make/model/year of your bike along with a description of the services needed.
Please allow two business days or less for a response.
[email protected]

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs will be accepted on a case by case basis with an estimated turnaround of 7 to 10 days. Please Contact Us or call ahead with details.

Tire/Tube Change

No appointment needed, 24hr turnaround. (Excluding tubeless tires)

Individual Bicycle Services

Tube/Tire Installation: min. $20
(Min. $40 for E-Bike/Internal Hub/ Training wheel bikes.)  
Drivetrain Clean/Bike Clean: min. $50
Align Shifting (front and rear): min. $60
(Does not include cleaning or parts installation.)  
Align Brakes (front and rear): min. $40
(Does not include bleeding or parts installation.)  
Bleed Disc Brake, each: min. $35
($20 each with Standard Tune-Up or Total Overhaul.)  
Headset Overhaul: min. $50
($40 with Standard Tune-Up.)  
Bottom Bracket Overhaul: min. $50
($40 with Standard Tune-Up.)  
Hub Overhaul: Front min. $25, Rear min. $40
True and Tension Wheel: min. $30
(Min. $35 with broken spoke.)  
Wheel Build: min. $90
Set Up Tubeless, each, plus parts: min. $40
Hourly Rate: $120

Tune-Up Services

Standard Tune: $150


Total Overhaul: $270

- Set up shifting and braking.
- Bike cleaning, remove and re-lube drivetrain.
- Light wheel true.
- Bearing adjustments. Overhaul extra.
- Installation of most accessories purchased at R&K.
- Brake bleed $20 extra each (reg. $35 each).



Standard Tune-Up plus:
- Complete disassembly and full cleaning.
- Bottom bracket, headset and hubs overhauled.
- Rebuild and adjust with necessary parts.
- Brake bleed $20 extra each (reg. $35 each).
- Linkage overhaul and fork/shock service not included.

Other Services

Box Bike for Shipping: $50
Travel Hardcase Rental: $5/day
Trico Iron Case will not fit most L/XL/XXL long travel MTB  
Service/Insurance Quote Prep: min. $25
Storage Fee: $10/week
(Begins 7 days after service completion.)  
Skate Sharpening, 2hr Turnaround: $12

Service prices subject to change without notice.